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Magnolia By the Lakes Senior Resort


With expansive balconies over-looking Cass and Sylvan Lakes, the villas of
Magnolia by the Lakes are the perfect setting for a rewarding lifestyle.

Residents enjoy five-star services, a luxurious atmosphere and picturesque lakeside views, just minutes from Bloomfield Hills and everything Oakland County has to offer.


Magnolia North is a two story assisted living resort overlooking Cass and Sylvan Lakes. It is “catered living” offering outstanding care and supportive services in an exceptional, luxurious European style setting.  The villas and studios of Magnolia North offer a residence for those desiring life in ultimate comfort, yet require a supportive environment. The unique floor plans, named after cities in Italy, feature high ceilings, lavish décor and impressive views of the lakes. Residents can relax in the gathering room in front of the fireplace, with live trees, flowers, and an exotic saltwater aquarium.

Magnolia South is a five story independent living community for our thriving senior population. Residents may choose from penthouses, two bedroom villas (with or without den), and one bedroom villas (with or without den). An experienced team will begin working with residents well in advance of their move to Magnolia. We can help, or recommend other professionals, for everything from selling your current home and planning how your furniture will fit in your new home, to choosing new finishes and customizing a new villa to packing and unpacking.

Village Square provides a real, “Old World” European experience for its guests. With cobblestone flooring, antique street lamps and bronze fountains, you’ll be whisked away to the streets of Europe. Enjoy brunch from the Barcelona Bistro at the quaint mosaic tables, or indulge in the delicious confections of La Belle Patisserie and Gelato Italiano. Choose from the finest selection of imported drafts at the Irish Pub and relax – the hard-earned reward of retirement. The Windmill of Holland Gift Shop offers a variety of gift items, home decor, stationery, snacks and personal items. Magnolia by the Lakes Plush Fleece Pullovers and other merchandise are also available. The Village Square features a youth activity center for its younger visitors.

In our golden years, every year, every month and every day is precious.  We no longer hold the responsibilities of raising and supporting our families, paying college tuition and wedding expenses or worry about the whereabouts of our teenage sons and daughters. We can now truly concentrate on our own health and happiness.

So let us say goodbye to the old ways and think anew.  For, this is our time- a time to embrace life, a time to make new friends and most significantly a time to appreciate and enjoy our golden years.  It is a time to relieve our loved ones form distressing about our health, safety and comfort.  We have worked hard, raised our families and have contributed to our society.  We have earned the fruits of our labors. We no longer need to compromise.

We deserve the finest, the greatest and the best life has to offer. Let us begin a new life- a life filled with joy, laughter, activity and friendship. Let us delight in a life without the fear of isolation and agony of tedium.  Let us celebrate today and look forward to tomorrow.

Come join our Magnolia Family.  We promise to love you, to keep you safe, to lift your spirits and to care for all your needs.  We will make you content and comfortable today, tomorrow and all the days beyond.

Come to Magnolia North Enhanced and Assisted Senior Resort.  There is no substitute. 

Our Mission – Our founder has dedicated her entire life to enhancing senior living. After owning and operating the largest conglomerate of Michigan cancer centers, her vision became clear. Offering unlimited excellence to the senior population is her true passion. Unique services, such as our “White-Glove Concierge” and Five-Star Dining, reveal Magnolia as a true gem in the sea of Senior Communities. We are defined by boundless luxury paired with elite care staff.

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An Objective View

Transition from Home to a Senior Community
By: Farideh R. Bagne

Dr. Farideh R. Bagne is an expert with extensive experience with seniors, both as the founder, owner and manager of the largest privately-owned conglomerate of cancer centers in the U.S. and the President and CEO of Magnolia by the Lakes Senior Village in Keego Harbor, Michigan.

“My Mom lives in her home alone. She is 89 years old and can no longer take care of herself, but she refuses to even visit a senior community. I am very worried about her. I have my own family to take care of and a demanding job. Yet, I have to attend to every need of my Mom. The stress is unbearable.” Complained my exasperated friend, tears running down her cheeks. “How can I convince Mom that there are wonderful senior residences that would perfectly suit her needs?” She added, seeking my counsel.
This conversation is routine in nearly every family at some point. I would like to share with you the advice I gave to my friend:
1. Before discussing a move to a senior community, do your own research and visit the residences you believe are suitable for Mom.
2. Decide on the budget range she can afford.
3. Consider these suitability factors: care, price, lifestyle, convenience, safety, atmosphere, staff, décor, size and food quality.
In addressing the suitability factors, approach the subject as follows:
• Care: Is there a house-keeper or aid that routinely takes care of Mom? If she likes that person, assure her that the aid can continue to care for her at the senior residence. Also, interview the on-site private duty and home-healthcare personnel.
• Cost: Calculate the cost of staying at home: repair, maintenance, taxes, insurance, snow removal, lawn care, meals, cleaning, supplies, utilities, cable, transportation, etc. Compare the cost of staying at home with the monthly rent of the senior community.
• Lifestyle: What are Mom’s hobbies? Does she enjoy reading, theatre, card games, nature walks, history, casinos, museums, sporting events? You will have to assure Mom that the senior community offers all the activities she appreciates.
• Convenience: Is the location relatively close to restaurants, shops, parks, hospitals and friends? Most communities provide free transportation and free parking.
• Safety: Is the community located in a safe neighborhood? Does the community have a record of safety? Do you feel safe walking in that neighborhood at night?
• Atmosphere: What is your first impression of the senior community? Are you happy to be there? Is it clean, neat and tastefully decorated? Is the community full of life with fresh plants and flowers? Is it important for Mom to be close to a park, lake, river or woods? Does she like nature walks? If so, does the senior community meet the expectations?
• Staff: Speak with the staff. Are they polite, friendly, professional, clean, organized, helpful and pleasant? Remember their names and make sure Mom talks to them when she visits the community.
• Décor: Consider Mom’s taste and style. Does she like a Tudor, early American, resort-style or modern design? Match Mom’s preference with the aesthetic of the senior community.
• Size: Does Mom enjoy being part of a large community or a small intimate group?
• Dining Experience: Perhaps the most prevalent complaint among residents in senior housing is the quality of the food. Pay particular attention to the menu and the variety, quality and presentation of meals.
4. Select the top 3 communities that fulfill your Mom’s expectations.
5. Make arrangements with each of the chosen communities to have lunch on-site, followed by a tour.
6. Ask Mom to go out to lunch without mentioning the senior community.
7. Take your Mom to the senior facility for lunch and a tour – be sure to take notes during your visit.
8. Watch her response.
9. Now, you are able to start the dialogue with Mom and openly discuss the suitability of various senior communities.
10. Finally, remind Mom that loneliness reduces the life span by 25%.