A Perfect Picnic

On a perfect August morning, a group of Magnolia by the Lakes senior residents loaded into vans and departed for a long awaited picnic at Dodge Park. The excitement of the day began before anyone set foot in the park, as a gathering of fawns greeted everyone on the way into the park, which sits just a few minutes from the campus of Magnolia by the Lakes.

The Magnolia seniors sipped on chilled lemonade and enjoyed a lunch of turkey sandwiches and potato salad while looking out over the majestic Cass Lake. But the tranquility of the afternoon quickly dissipated as residents engaged in water gun fights! As a refreshing breeze kept everyone cool, groups departed to feed and frolic with the geese and ducks, lounge under the shade of a mighty oak tree, and chit chat on the magnificent shores of Cass Lake.

A few bold residents joked about donning their bikinis as they dipped their feet in the sparkling lake water, and reveled in the sight of their very own Magnolia by the Lakes in the distance. Magnolia residents regularly enjoy pontoon boat trips around the lake, and were thrilled for the chance to enjoy the sandy beach they had often seen from the H.M.S. Magnolia, our 12-passenger pontoon.

While everyone enjoyed the day differently, those in attendance agreed they hoped to return soon, and often, to their idyllic picnic spot by the shore. An enthusiastic “Thank you Mr. Dodge!” was called out by one resident as the group departed the sunny park and returned home to Magnolia by the Lakes.


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