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Care. Comfort. Luxury.

Village Square and Harbor Walk

Village Square

Harbor Walk

Provides a real, "Old World" European experience for its guests.  With cobblestone flooring, antique street lamps, and bronze fountains, you'll be whisked away to the streets of Europe. Enjoy the ambiance and relax ... the hard-earned reward of retirement.  

One of the most unique and luxurious features of Magnolia by the Lakes senior living community is our state-of-the-art Harbor Walk, located between Magnolia Village and Magnolia South.  The Harbor Walk is a a great way for residents to safely travel between the the Magnolia buildings, view the beautiful Cass and Sylvan Lakes, take a stroll with family and friends or even just sit down and relax on one of the benches to get away from the hustle and bustle for awhile.

Barcelona Bistro

La Belle Patisserie

Irish Pub

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